Which bath bombs are the best?

The best bath bombs on the market today are made by Mom Bomb. Of course, we are hardly impartial, but we know the care and specificity used to formulate our bath bombs and we truly believe we have the best bath bomb on the planet.

Whether you try our classic collection which is made with Argan oil for that five star luxury spa feel or you want to try out the new Calm Bomb with all natural plant medicine available on our sister site, we have the highest quality bath bombs available for sale.

In addition to creating bath bombs that transport you to your best and highest version of yourself while providing an all natural retreat, 100% of our profits go to help mothers in crisis.

When you buy a Mom Bomb bath bomb, you not only help yourself to a moment of peace from the hectic, connected world we all live in, but you also help a mother going through a rough time. Your purchases have allowed us to impact the lives of hundreds of family members during their most stressful times in life. Visit to learn more about the resilient mothers we have been so blessed to be able to help!

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