What does it mean to be “In Need”

At some point every day we all are in need of something, whether that be the basics such as clean water and food or something more substantial like basic assistance with a task at work. Need takes on many forms and when thinking about the sector of the population that I felt needed help, I chose mothers in need for many reasons; I was a mother in need of many simple things that I took for granted when I got sick. Mothers are typically the glue that holds the family together, and there is a gaping hole in our society for mother’s in the middle of the economic scale. What I didn’t take into account were the many different ways that mothers might have a need. This couldn’t have been more obvi

UPDATED!! We’ve Helped Our First Mom — But Not How We Thought We Would

"We can't say thank you  enough for your help. Without MOMBOMB we would still have a dead oven and be struggling to make meals. My cousin helped me install the stove on the 8th of April. He did the electrical and I modified the cabinets it went into. The first night we used the oven they helped with everything. It was fantastic to make fresh buns for our burgers and we also made brownies. They don’t last long in our house!! Since then, we have enjoyed making whatever we want lol. I will actually be able to make a whole turkey or Spiral ham this year!! Our old oven did not even fit a cookie sheet, Now we can fit two at once 😊 This has been very exciting for us. Thank you so much for helping

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