#MyGivingStory Series: Chapter 1 - Our Founder Heather Roberts

The holiday season is already upon us! Hopefully your Thanksgiving was spent in the company of friends and family and you took time to reflect on all you have to be thankful for. Now, in the spirit of the season, it’s time to give to others, and maybe get a little something in return.. This holiday season give to moms in need! Mom Bomb is celebrating Giving Tuesday on December 3rd! When you donate $30 to mombomb.org you will receive a Classic Mom Bomb gift set for free! Our bath bombs are made with an indulgent combination of organic argan oil and essential oils and each classic box comes with 6 unique bombs. The Goddess will "unleash your inner mermaid" with an enticing cotton candy aroma.

Searching for a Safe Haven: We Were Able to Help Another Mom in Crisis

*To protect the privacy of the mother and her children, we are keeping their names and photos confidential. Mom reached out to us in crisis as she and her three children were no longer safe in the home with her ex, who was, “the one person who was supposed to protect us,” Mom said. She packed up what she could carry and her and her children fled to safety. The past couple of months, they have been bouncing from shelter to shelter as they try to find a permanent safe place. Mom expressed she did not have the means to afford diapers for her little one, and had resorted to using feminine pads and towels as makeshift. They took everything they could carry, but as you can imagine, supplies starte

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